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I have a Kenmore dryer w/moisture sensing Mod #1106600202 I cannot find a diagram as to take dryer apart…have a squeaking noise suspect drum rollers. I have talked to Sears and cannot get any such diagram..also youtube only has older dryers. The top electronic box is screwed to the dryer…Need to know if I have to remove this to flip up the top of dryer….Much appreciated if you could help…Thank you


Kenmore dryer model#11066002010 Sorry for the error. Need a diagram to show how to disassemble panels to get in dryer…Thank you for your quick response…and sorry for the typo error in model #.

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  1. I can’t find anything myself on this. However, you’ll have screws with clips on the back side for the top. Remove the top, watch for lots of wires. Then go from there. You made just need a new belt.

  2. Your model number is NG.. Please check that again..

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