New House $400.00 electric bill first 30 days


My first electric bill is over $400.00. I just bought this house and have only plugged in energy star brand new appliances. What should I check first.

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  1. Based on where you live the average cost per Kwh should be .11 cents so your bill should be around $278. So right there it’s a little hard for me to figure out whats going on. I would call the power company and ask what did your house use before you. That might give you a better idea if that’s even normal for your house.

    I would also go through every circuit in the house. Make sure there are no heater cables left on, something like roof ice heaters, pipe heaters. Those would be somethings that could be overlooked. Yes, doesn’t matter if it’s summer or not.

  2. Sorry, the house was built in 1974 and is about 2,000sq. We live in Elk River, Minnesota.

    I meant we have not been using the air conditioner since it’s been really nice. I’m unsure where to start looking for the 2513kwh units used in 30 days.

  3. Wow that’s a lot. I need to know a lot more info. Where do you live? How big is the house?

    What do you mean you only plugged in the appliances? What else are you using?


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