Oil burner in a mobile home


Please be advised this unit is in a mobile home which was built sometime in 60’s.
The last heater was here for 30 years,until the end cone burnt up and they told me I had to get a new unit since that part was not available no more

Had this unit installed Feb of 2015, not old at all.
There is a name plate stating Maytag, but techs say it has all Miller parts.
Also, I called Maytag an they do not have techs in the state of NJ.
What about the company that installed it?
They have changed their name 3 times and he states that since I had it service by a company with 3 generations of experience I have voided “his” warranty.
Have gone through electrodes lined up, multitude of nozzles, changed relay switch.
Still if the thermostat is set lower then 70 unit kicks off and does not start back up.

Pump will show yellow light if you try to click the restart (relay switch) it will lock out must do this a few times to get the unit up and running.
It does produce thick smoke out of the chimney for 3 minutes then it clears.
I’ve had the chimney inspected and its clean.
The fire at times though does sound like a gas oven when you blow on the flame .
Can you help me to keep this unit working?
Everyone is at a loss with what it can be.

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  1. Oh, that’s close to me. About an hour at most. Too bad you’re not closer.

    They gave up? wow. Yeah just get someone better for sure. What about calling your oil company. Most of the time they provide that kind of service.

  2. Im in wayne nj.
    I’ve had Van Varick working on it, they gave up.

  3. The best and only advice I can give you is have someone who knows that they’re doing take a look at it. You just have so many things going on. I mean where in NJ are you at. I was just in NJ an hour ago.

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