Outside stairs/landing after frost heave.



After using my Garage all winter for some woodworking and parking in it daily and and having extreme cold (-10 to – 40 Celsius) all winter. My steps and landing have heaved.

The landing is now slopped towards my garage. As you can see for the left side and right side photo the 2X4 has been pushed up by over 15 cm (6 inches). The stairs have over a 15 cm gap to the cement patio stone under it.

I need to fix and I want to do it right. I was planning on pulling the deck out and take a couple of the large cement patio stones tamped down in sand. The replace the rotting 2×4 that was sunk into the ground with a 4X4 or laminating 2 2X4 together and have those sitting on the patio stones.

How should I do this to fix it permanently





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  1. What you’ll need to do is install a footing for each deck post. Usually 48″ deep. But this will depend on your local code. Then you would replace those 2×4’s with a 4×4’s

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