prepare plaster walls for insulation, paint, and til


Hello, I’m looking to remodel my kitchen. My issue is with the kitchen walls, I don’t believe there is any insulation in them. Cabinets and the rest of the wall is super cold in the winter. Last time I was in the attic I tried to look down and couldn’t see any insulation. How difficult is it to insulate these walls, and how can I prep them for paint and tile? Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work on your videos!

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Cody layton 4 years 3 Answers 595 views

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  1. Still the same answer. Either way, they need to come down if you’re remodeling. And if they are plaster good chance they are not insulated.

  2. Sorry, I failed to mention the walls are plaster.

  3. Simple, since you’re “Remodeling” Remove and replace the sheetrock. Then you’ll be able to install new insulation and do any electrical upgrades at the same time. Way easier to do that way. Once you have all new sheetrock up and taped you’re ready to install your tile as well.

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