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Just bought a house and during inspection everything was fine…I go to my garage and now the GFCI Is not lit. I take off the cover, pull the switch out, and I check the wires for current with my Klein voltage checker and the hot wire is live. …I’m assuming the switch is bad.  Anyway,  I also noticed that there are two wires going in and two wires going out. ..No ground!  I did read on the Internet that this is still to code. …my question is…Should I make a piggy tail and ground the new switch to the metal Junction even though no ground is OK (if you want I can post the video with the code info)


Alex Ramirez

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    By chance did you hit the reset on the GFCI?. Check out GFCI outlets. Anywhere in the house and see if they are tripped. I wouldn’t be so worried about the ground for the switch. But it’s a simple fix. Just replace the switch that has a ground lead on it. (screw) I’m assuming the box is metal?. And in that it should be grounded once the switch is installed anyway. On a older home that is.




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