Removing texture from wall in old house – lead/asbestos concern


Hi, we just bought a house built in 1920 that has been updated since then – with textured walls and ceilings. We aren’t sure when this was done, but it appears that it was at least over 10 years ago. I would like to remove the texture myself and was going to do a combination of scraping (after dampening the texture) and applying joint compound after, but am concerned about potential for lead and asbestos somewhere in the walls and that getting into the air via dust. The smallest room, and first on my list, is a nursery for my toddler. I understand that many people apply a thin drywall, but the room is already so small. And hiring a contractor at this point is not in our budget. Do we need to wait until we have the money for a contractor to do this or is there a safe way to do it ourselves?

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Sara Leitch 2 years 1 Answer 412 views 0

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  1. As far as asbestos goes you would need to send a piece to a lab for a testing. However, your method is how I would remove it was well. It’s hard to say just how easy it will be based on who and how it was applied.

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