Replacing Garage Ceiling Fan With Light For An Electrical Outlet


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Hey Dominick,

I’m respectfully cautious of working with electricity. In remodeling or rearranging the garage. I understand the great advice of turning the power off before doing any electrical work first.
Dominick, I need to take the garage ceiling fan that has a light down, and I would like to replace that spot with an electrical outlet. It would serve my need for an outlet to the new LED lights. My question is, how do I go about removing the fan and replacing it with an electrical outlet, since I’m replacing an apple with an orange, or is all wiring the same ? A video would be great since I am a visual learner and writing it for my declining memory.

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    If you have two switches for the fan/light than you’ll have two hots in the ceiling fan box. You’ll only need one of them. So just cap off the one you’re not going to use.

    You’ll want to remove the round fan box and replace it with an outlet box. If it’s sheetrock just use a remodeling box. And yes, the wiring will be the same, one hot (black) neutral (white) and a ground.