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Hi Dominick,

First, excelent videos and information, thanks!

The cuestion below refer to this video (

What if the gutters go to the soil around the house and no into the sewers? (happens a lot in Florida) Will your mix cause some damage to the landscaping, plants or soil?

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Freddy Parra 4 years 4 Answers 635 views 0

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  1. Thank you very much Dominick, you have been very helpful. I’ll let you know how it goes with my roof.

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  2. All you need to do is collect what comes down the downspouts with a plastic garbage bag. And that is the way Roof Sparkle does it.

  3. Thanks for the fast response man!
    I know you dedicate a big time to help all the people visiting your site, so I will ask you a few more questions and leave you in peace, if you can help me I’ll appreciate very much your answers.
    So, should I sacrifice my landscaping for a clean roof? There is no way for me to keep both landscaping and a clean roof? Should I carry all the gutters to the sewers? Or can I use an “eco-friendly” roof shampoo? If I contract the services of Roof Sparkle, for example, what would they do? Do you have any idea?
    Again thank you very much for your time

  4. Hi Freddy and thank you. Oh for sure it will. But it has to be in order to kill the mold on your roof.

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