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I picked up some “HTH”  and mixed it according to your formula listed, afterwards i noticed it was not the right stuff (12% sodium hypochlorite) so since its already on my roof do I need to wait before I reapply the right solution once I find some that is ? By the way thanks for  posting the vid very informative.

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tom jappert 4 years 3 Answers 917 views

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  1. Just ask for a liquid pool shock.

  2. yep i know you didn’t say hth, it was something i got stuck in my head. as for the formula it was the mixture that was posted with the ratio of the 12% sodium hypochlorite,water, and dish soap. Anyhow i’m gonna see if  I can find a store near me here in oak harbor that carries the stuff and give it a shot.

  3. Not my formula. I never said to use HTH. But ONLY liquid SH 12 -15% by weight.

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