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greetings from Gulfport Ms i seen some of your house washing videos on youtube and hoping you could share a little of that wisdom i own and operate a lawn maintenance co. and do pressure washing but am wanting to add soft washing i had planned on going out to texas to a course on soft washing but not enough time kids and work keep me pretty busy could you suggest a good start up kit and the main factor is chemicals i have read hours of different mixes just dont want to damage any roofs im just really looking to doing shingled roofs i read on the asphalt roofing association where  it recommends household bleach and detergent then i read to use sh gkanak% any help would be plenty thanks patrick

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    Hi Patrick, I know the place you’re talking about here. And let me tell you, don’t waste your money or time. Follow what I say in the video on how to make the roof cleaner. It’s just SH, water and something to make it stick like dish soap.  The SH MUST be 12 – 15% for it to work. Any weaker it won’t do a thing.

    I’m working on putting a kit together on Amazon.

    This link here should help you out a bit

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