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I am writing on behalf of my husband. We live in South Florida, and have a spanish tile roof. I have noticed that you really only talk about shingle roofs with the sh/water/dawn mixture, is it fine for colored spanish tile roofs as well? I have heard other people say that they use a garden hose to mist the roof to keep it from drying too soon, do you really recommend that or do we just need to wait for an overcast day? Lastly, do you recommend us washing this solution off or just waiting for the next rain to do it? We are not in the wet season, so I do not know if it matters how long this solution stays on the roof before it is washed off. If you think we should wash it off, how long do we wait, and is a regular garden hose ok, or do we need a special nozzle on our garden hose (more concentraed nozzle)? We have a 3243 sq ft house, how many gallons of sh do you think that we will need? We have received quotes from companies to do this for us and they are wanting $399, which we think is steep, does this sound reasonable to you for our square footage if we are unable to use your method on spanish tile? Thanks so much for answering my MANY questions-God bless


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Andrea Kessler 4 years 2 Answers 577 views

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  1. Thank you for answering us back so quickly! We also want to thank you for being so kind as to provide free information for DIY.

    God bless

  2. Sure you can use the SH on a tile roof. It’s only mold you’re killing. I would rinse it when you’re done. And 399 seems like a good price to me.

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