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Tile a Countertop Backsplash

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Tile a Countertop Backsplash

Go to small like 1×1 tiles and you’ll have a harder time keeping it straight. I like to use 4×4, 6×6 or even 8×8 tiles.

Now you need to know where to start. Start from an edge, either left or right. The first tile along the edge will be bullnose tile. These tiles will have a rounded edge to give it a nice finish look. So make sure you get these ahead of time. If you have those edges for your project.

OK, you would hope and think that your countertop is nice and level right? Not always so make sure you check it before anything.

Now, you can either use a thin-set or what I always use is a pre-made mastic for wall tiles. This is more like glue rather than a mortar.


Now let’s go ahead and apply some mastic to a say about a 4-foot section. Only apply what you think you can cover in 10 minutes or less. You don’t ever want your mastic or mortar to start drying up on you. Your tile will still hold, but not for long.

Now let’s install some tile, shall we? Place the tiles right on top of your countertop, or maybe you have a backsplash attached to your countertop already. That’s fine, go right on top of that then. Now start placing more tile on top of the first row until you get to the top (bottom) of your cabinets. Now here you will have to start cutting them down. Either you can use a wet saw or a dry saw. For backsplash tiling, I always like to use a wet saw. It’s make those little cuts so much easier.

Keep those lines straight, always check with a level. All done, now pick out your grout and start grouting. Oh, that’s the easy part. If you just tiled your whole backsplash this is nothing.

I’ve overheard someone say once when in doubt use grout, yea I just overheard that. I don’t go by that of course. But you can cover up the not-so-nice areas good with grout, give it a try.


Mix up some grout so it looks like peanut butter. With a grout float push it all over the tile, making sure you get all the caps and cracks. Use a BIG wet sponge and remove the access grout while shaping your grout lines.

You are not going to remove all the grout in one shot, you’ll need to go over this a few times. Some now, some in about an hour later. Once it had some time to dry up you’ll be able to clean the face of the tile a little better.

Now you’re the tile pro. Good luck.

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  1. You my friend are a true craftsman. Having the ability to explain things in terms that even a 10 year old can understand and not make adults feel stupid in the process is a true talent. I appreciate the things you post as i have learned from them. I am sure my career is going to excel with your videos. Please keep making them.

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