stove in our house keeps kicking off


The stove in our house keeps kicking off the power in the 1st bedroom., 2nd bedroom and the bathroom.or when we turn the stove on it will dim the lights in the 3 rooms I listed above.  Do you know what it could be

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  1. Ok the more info the better, thank you.

    See, but none of this makes much sense. It almost sounds like the breaker that is tripping is weak. Replacing it might not be a bad idea. But it still doesn’t sound right. A 220 stove has nothing to do with your bedrooms.

    Doing a amp draw test on the bedroom breaker should be done.  How to check the amps being drawn from a breaker

  2. no its not a new install.  It just started like a month ago

  3. See and electric stove uses 220 volts and would not be on the same circuit as your bedrooms.

    Dimming is one thing, but tripping the breaker just should not happen. Is this a new install? Was any electrical work recently done?

  4. Yes it’s an electric stove

  5. I’m assuming it’s an electric stove?

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