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Here is my situation, I am removing old range hood and adding a microwave range hood. It’s 120volt plug, 60Hz Curt.5 amps and 1.7kw, I was told by another customer who did the same thing to change my wires and put it on a separate 15amp circuit. I have no extra room in my panel and would like to add subpanel. I am not an electrician, but I am very handy and your subpanel video looks simple. Can you make a video showing the wires (new circuit) added to the subpanel? I have an idea but want to be on the safe side. Next question, 200-amp panel means, it allows up to 200amps per circuit?
In my main panel, the last free circuit was used to make a subpanel outside for my pool. I would like to use that slot for my indoor subpanel and move the pool circuit into the new subpanel. This panel will handle the pool and the microwave, with a couple extra blank circuits for future use. How many amps to use for this subpanel, the pool circuit is 30amps I think and I need 15amp for the microwave. I live in Jacksonville Florida. Thank you for any advice or video that helps my situation.

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    Watch my video on what’s in a sub panel

    And no, 200 is the total for the panel. I would need lot of pictures and lots of information. That would be very hard for me to say via the internet.

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