Good morning Dominick.  I’ve been watching you video about hardwood floor sanding.  It is so well done.  I work at Home-Depot, tool rental, near Montreal, Canada.  I’ve done my 2 story floor made of mosaic using the big rectangular sander.  Excellent job but very slow.  I used that sander to prevent mosaic to come off.

Now I will do my 1st floor made of 3/4 of an inch maple, sanded only one time  when my house was built.  Still have near 3/4 in of floor.  I will use our Clark belt sander, and for leveling the floor, our U-sand orbital the same you used. the same you are using.  My question is should I start with a 60 grit on drum sander ?  I bought an Aspenite ( chip wood ) sheet and I practiced on my car drive way.  It went fine with a 60 grit.  My floor is not that bad.  couples of medium scratch less than 1/8 inches.  I feel 36 would be a bit rough since it would be my 1st time using drum sander. I prefer going 2 times on 60 instead and then, using the 4 disk orbital with100 grit and 120 to end the job as the finish product manufacturer is asking. Latex based Saman Extreme. It contains aluminum oxide for durability.  The same I used on my 2nd floor and stairways.


Thank you for taking time to give an answer and keep-on your good work.


Jean-Guy Bernier

When it’s calm at work, IM practicing to operate the sander, unplugged for sure !  It will be ok !



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  1. Thank you sooo much !


    I realy appreciate your time



  2. Being that you’re not a pro I would go with the 60. Even 60 on a drum sander will kick butt. You will really have to be the judge of that once you get going.

  3. Me again. Thank You for the quick réponse. With all You expérience, Is 60 grit too Small or 36 or 40 would Be better ?

    Thank You again.



  4. Sounds like you’re doing it right to me. You have it under control Jean

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