Three prong stove wiring


Hi everyone
Had a drop in stove that died. Got a free used stove that has a 3 prong chord. Removed drop in and there was not a receptical just wires connected in a box. So I have to put in a three prong outlet. Problem I am having is the original wiring setup for the stove, from the house, is red black white and ground. The three prong outlet takes hot hot and neutral. What do I do with the ground? The back of the stove says the appliance is grounded on the inside. Does that mean I do not need the ground from the wall?? I put black and red in hot and white in neutral. What do I do with the copper ground?

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  1. You would use the ground to ground the box or enclosure.

  2. But what do I do with the copper ground. Just leave it alone? The outlet diagram says hot hot neutral…scared leaving the ground not atta he’d anywhere.

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