Walkin shower walls, curb and waterproof


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Hello, Dominick .
I am building walkin shower in basement and followed your very helpful video on how to make shower pan. Did not find anything related to how to install cement backerboards which is not a big problem to figure out for the walls except the curb. Would appreciate if you could provide instructions on how to install backerboards on curb and especially its internal part (as the screws are not the option), as well as waterproofing details – what to apply in space between backerboards on walls an floor, wall corners, on top of screws etc.
Thanks in advance

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    Here is a link to one of my videos on tile board.

    How To Install Tile Board

    As far as the tile board on the curb. I’ve always always used screws. But I don’t screw that low to the floor. Even if you did it’s not a big deal. These are showers and not fish tanks. Never had an issue. I see other want to be’s and they say never nail, lol. Yeah those ares the ones that I get to go fix later on lol.
    Boards on the side of the curb first then the top of the curb. Tile goes in the same way.

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