What would cause drywall to do this?


We are in a rental house that is showing some serious issues – owner says it’s not a problem.  Structural engineer said the house needed new support beams in the crawl space and raising to even foundation.  Owner hired their own “contractor” to do the work, and now the house is worse than before.  Engineer said to raise the house 1/8″ daily until level – “contractor” raised it all at once.  Now, issues like this all over, where the drywall is literally peeling away from the studs, tile and grout in kitchen raising up, cracks running throughout ceiling, across walls, at all corner joists, etc.  Can raising a house all at once instead of gradually cause more damage?  And, is it safe to be living in?!

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  1. Yeah they should’ve raised it very little at a time. Unsafe? well that would really depend on how much and where. But I doubt it is so called unsafe.

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