• How to Make the Roof Cleaner used in the Video

    March 5, 2013, 138 Comments

    A little background on how I started Roof Sparkle. A company that’s  make cleaning products asked me if I could make a video for some of there cleaning products.…

  • How to install laminate on stairs

    January 2, 2011, 37 Comments

    Just go slow. Make all your cuts nice a straight. Before you even begin with this project you should ask your self. Do you have little kids running around…

  • How to install a 220 volt outlet

    February 2, 2013, 25 Comments

      Installing a new 220 outlet isn’t much different than a 120 volt outlet. However you can only put one 220 outlet per breaker / circuit. And you will…

  • How to make a shower pan with Video

    September 19, 2012, 22 Comments

    How to Make a Shower Pan A mortar shower pan is so much nicer than a store bought fiberglass unit. Once you established your drain setup you’ll want to…

  • Sub panel Installation

    March 19, 2013, 21 Comments

      In this how to install a subpanel installation I will guide you through the complete installation of a sub panel step by step. The first question is why…

How to clean a Paint Roller

How to clean a Paint Roller Way back in 1998 I was remodeling two bathrooms in the middle of nowhere with a paint supply place even further away. So it was important that I clean the rollers very well. The only place to clean them was outside with a hose. Once I started spraying the roller it started to spin and [...]

How To Tape Sheetrock By Color Day 2

How To Tape Sheetrock By Color Day 2 Now that we are done with the tape it’s time to do apply the second coat of joint compound. It’s really easy. Sure it’s time to get really good at it, but just follow my simple instructions and you’ll be a pro in no time. Applying the second coat of joint compound Scrape down the [...]

How to Install a 220 Volt Outlet 4 wire or Dryer Outlet

How to Install a 220 Volt Outlet 4 wire or Dryer Outlet In this video I show you how to install a 220 volt outlet using 4 wire. The fourth wire is the neutral (white wire). Most dryer wires will be a 10 gauge wire for 30 amps. However the wire shown in the video was a #6 wire for a 40 – 50 amp.. Please watch [...]

Basic Tools for the First Time Homeonwer

basic_tools It’s the tools that make a man. Or is it, it’s the man that makes the tools. Either way if you’re a first time homeowner you’re probably wondering what tools should I have on hand incase of an emergency. Well you can never have enough tools needless to say for an emergency. However here’s a [...]

110 volt

Installing a Whole House Fan

Installing a Whole House Fan

A whole fan can cool your house off on those summer days in the matter of minutes. Now if it’s hotter outside of course you wouldn’t want that hot air in just yet. A wh Full Story »


uk outlet

Electric in the UK

Since I have only lived and worked in the US I find it very interesting on just how different the electric is in the UK. Fred from London shared this with me and thought it would m Full Story »

Tips And Tricks

Painting rooms

Adding Texture to Your Walls

There are many great reasons to use textured paint on your walls instead of conventional smooth paint. One reason that homeowners choose these techniques is to hide imperfections i Full Story »


How to install a window

How to install a window

This is for a complete new window install. Not a replacement window which is very different. A new window should not fit real tight in the opening. You should have at 3/4″ of Full Story »