How to install Dricore basement sub floor

Dricore helps keep the basement floor dry.

Dricore flooring is really a good idea for a basement subfloor. However get ready to dish out a few bucks. As the average basement floor could cost you around $1,200. Although it could well worth it. But not all basements need this type of flooring.

The old fashion way would be to frame up the floor for 2x’s and plywood. This type of flooring goes together with really no tools at all. I mean besides cutting where needed. To the underside of these panels is a raised plastic nubs that allow any water to just sit there undetected for a very long time. Allowing mold to just grow and grow. But on the other hand, it also allows airflow to dry out. Of course, this is if you have any.

How to install Dry Core basement sub floor

Watch this video on YouTube.


Although a great concept but just not for every basement floor. Dricore is not intended for wet basements but rather for dry basements.


How to install Dricore basement sub floor
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