How to Add More Outlets to your Garage

Most garages only have one or two outlets at most. But let’s be serious now. Why would a builder only install one outlet ?. Simple, because he’s only doing what the minimum code requires.

We have a choice here. We could either open the walls up and start running wires and installing boxes. Or we could surface mount outlets with metal boxes and conduits. It’s way easier to surface mount. Hey, let’s face it, it’s a garage right. I don’t think anyone of us would like this inside our house.

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Just remember, if the breaker was 15 amp, install 15 amp outlets. If it is a 20 amp breaker, use 20 amp outlets and the correct GFCI outlets.


26 thoughts on “How to Add More Outlets to your Garage”

  1. Gerasimos Christoforatos

    you are great you are great by the way. You referenced a shopping list in this video. I don’t see it. I am trying to getting a few outlets from a wall switch in my garage. I guess the easiest way is to run them outside the wall in a line. I need these metal boxes and the rest of the hardware that goes with them. Can you point me to these items?

  2. Hi Dominick, thanks for the video. What kind of screws do you recommend for mounting the boxes to drywall or wood studs?

  3. Thanks for the list, it’s greatly appreciated, can you use pvc for electric instead of the metal conduit because I really don’t want to buy the pipe bender, thanks for all the information.

    1. Dominick Amorosso

      Yes, you could but plastic is not cheap. However, you don’t always need to bend the conduit. In my video, I didn’t bend anything.

  4. Good day, first of all this is a great and informative video, my question is that you mentioned a shopping list posted somewhere and I just can’t find it anywhere. Can you post it or email it to me, it will greatly be appreciated.

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