220 volt dryer outlet



I wired 10/3 cable from a double pole 30 amp breaker to a 4 prong dryer outlet and followed instructions I saw in your videos.

The problem I have is when testing the outlet, each hot leg reads 110 volts but when I measure from hot to hot, my meter shows zero or not 220 volts.  I also used the two wire 110/220 tester, 110 checks but 220 doesn’t show.

What am I or did I do wrong?


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Dan Reyes 3 years 1 Answer 595 views

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  1. Something is wrong of course. Each hot should be 110-120 that you know. But go from neutral and ground. Check my video on how to check voltages How to Check for Volts at a 120 and 220 Volt Outlets

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