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I’m kinda stepped in over my head with a well pump.Its don’t shut off ever.I’m new to well pumps maintenance as in never done anything else but building roof over one. During a plumbing addition I noted that it won’t stop even after all faucet are off.If I shut valve at the pump off it stops. After watching your adjustments video I learned a lot there’s no disconnect, no pressure gauge, a lot of elblows.This is important and long term client how deep do go. FYI there’s a lot of pump parts laying around, I’m not the first guy pulling the lid and If it was my house question keeps playing in my mind.Pulling in a contractor out the question.Any advice would be a appreciated. Confidence little low…Keith


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Keith Voyles 3 years 1 Answer 590 views

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  1. There is always a pressure switch somewhere. You’ll need to find that. Post some pictures here if you can.

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