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We have a ceiling light that had a dimmer switch on it.  We didn’t want the dimmer and wanted to change it to just a normal switch.  However when removing the dimmer switch, we found that it was a 3 way switch.  Also in this same box is another 3 way switch that controls a different light.  The 2nd light has two switches that operate it.  The 1st one that had the dimmer switch does not.  Since the 1st light only has one switch that operates it, why would there be a 3 way switch.  It has 4 wires attached, one being the ground, 2 black wires and 1 red wire.

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  1. If it’s wired like that there must be a second 3-way switch. I mean just how sure are you? Either way if it’s wired that way there has to be a second switch.

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