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Have a camper on 30 amp circuit.  Everything was working at end of spring.  Went down a few weeks ago nothing on 120v circuits would work.  AC moaned once then nothing not even fan.  Microwave making strange beeps and would not work.

Checked outlets with circuit tester and was getting open neutrals and reversed hot ground and other crazy results.

Pulled breakers (4) and started checking each circuit individually.  Circuit tester on outlets was good and was getting 120v at outlets.  Noticed when I connected DC converter circuit errors came back and voltage dropped to  30-50 v .  So I figured converted was toast.   I disconnected converter and checked voltage at the AC and had 117-120v.  But neither the AC or fan would not run.  So I figured AC got toasted.

So, I replaced DC converter and AC unit.  And still have same results.  Getting 120 at AC unit but will not run.  Ran an extension cord from another camper and microwave works on it but not on my outlets.

GFCI outlets (2) were a thought so I replaced those as well.

12v lights work.

My guess I have insufficient amperage or something is drawing down the amps.

The only circuits I have are:

2x GFCI outlet circuits.  3 and 4 outlets.



DC Converter

My Fluke is only rated for 10 amps so I ordered a cheap current clamp online.

So, what is the best way to check and test to make sure I have the correct current?  How much current should I see at supply and circuits?  All circuits are 15 amps except AC its is on a 20 amp breaker.

I’m stumped!  Please help!!




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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported.


    Sorry to say I can’t and won’t give advice on campers or boats. However I would check your inputs first.