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is there anything I should know before  purchasing bamboo flooring for DIY project for hubby and I? (Especially what do I need for thickness and what would be an appropriate price per square foot) are any special tools necessary? We got rid of carpet and installed pre finished hardwood (tongue and groove) DIY  10 years ago in family room. Now It’s past time for our living room carpet has to go (dog accident house smells horrible of urine). I found an article that bamboo is one of the best flooring choices for homes with dogs. (If we decided to hire the job done what would installation cost?)

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Lauri Shumway 3 years 1 Answer 570 views 0

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  1. It would really depend on the flooring itself. Solid or laminated. As far as how much, well that would depend on are way too many things to cover in an email. Get at least three estimates.

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