double sink in the basement


I had to replace my double sink in the basement. Very old cast iron. The faucet was not attached to the sink so I was able to put in the new sink without replacing the faucet at that time. Now I want to replace with a new faucet which I will install on the sink… it has the 3 holes. My question… there is no shutoff valves going to this sink, so I assume I need to shutoff the water main where it comes in to the house. I will drain the water at the basement sink level. Will this affect my hot water heater in any way?  The water just drains out and then refills when I turn it back on?  Oh, I will be installing shutoff valves at this time!

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Diane 3 years 1 Answer 581 views

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  1. Funny you ask this. I just had to do the same thing today on a bathroom remodel. And yes you’ll be fine doing it that way.

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