Drywall mud and taping


Hey Dominic!

Needed help with understanding how to finish some drywalling.  Checked out FineHomeBuilding, checked out HomeImprovement, checked out ThisOldHouse, then I found your video series. Awesome!!  I love how you pull it all together.  Thorough, clear, knowledgeable and entertaining!  And you’re definitely not hard on the eyes either ; )

Please keep up the great work – I really appreciate the time and effort it takes to produce this stuff so a great BIG thanks for that!

You’re so helpful and refreshingly honest and modest.  Grateful I’ve got you to turn to as I diy my home 😀

A new fan,




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Sharlene 4 years 1 Answer 501 views 0

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  1. Hi Shar, thank you so much. Always my pleasure to help you out. If you ever need more help always feel free to just ask me.



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