four indavigual romac wires coming in one box


there are 4 3 srtain wires coming into one box I know 3 of them are plug,light,fan all of them were connected to a timer switch the box is a doulble switch box I want to put tw switgues in the problem a ideiot went in and took the timer switch off so I don’t know witch one poer is comein and once I do know then how do I put the two switch in were one is plug the other is light and fan

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brianmeier 3 years 1 Answer 595 views

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  1. All neutrals (whites) with be tied together as well as all grounds with pig tails for switch grounds.

    You would pig tail the one hot so it can now power two separate switches. Then one black , fan or light to the other end of the switch.

    I’m writing this from my phone, not the easiest way lol. Hope this helps.

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