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Hi Dominic. I have a 100 amp detached garage sub panel and it is full and will not accept tandems.
I am adding a 2nd air compressor and need a dedicated 30 amp circuit. So I thought I would add a 70 amp sub to the sub. I would relocate 2 20 amp breakers to the 70 amp panel to free up space. Is this correct? What size breaker would I need to place in the garage sub panel? Do I need a grounding rod?
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    Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation. No, you only need a grounding rod if the sub-panel is located is a detached building from where the main panel is.

    Yeah that sounds good and everything, but you’ll need to increase the wire feeding the sub-panel and the the breaker supplying the sub. There is a lot more than that, you’ll need to check with the inspector for sure.

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