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Do I need to support this 4″x 12″ Girder spanning 10′ 6″?

I live in the lower level of a one-story over daylight basement home built in 1972.

I am planning a remodel of the lower level and have a existing interior wall that I thought was non-bearing and could be removed easily, but now understand that there is a 4″x4″ post supporting a girder over-head.

The distance to the outside wall is 10′ 6″ and the girder is a Douglas Fir 4″x 12″.  I believe there are floor joints 2″x 10″x 10′  12″ on center resting in the Girder.

I want to remove the wall that ran under the girder to the outside wall (10’6″), but I’m concerned that the 10’6″ span is too wide for the 4″x 12″ girder.

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported.


    This is a loaded question. What is above the wall on that girder? In general a 4×12 spanning 10’6″ is within code. Just based on the size of your girder shows me that is was built to to do that span without the wall under it.