Hi Dominic: I have a simple question. Just watched your video on changing oil filter on a hot water heater. On my oil fired ( electric) hot water heater ( as shown in video)  I have an oil line going to the water heater’s furnace with a wheel- like shut off valve. The valve protrudes into a space where one has to often walk past it to get to an appliance in basement & I or my wife often turn the valve inadvertently  with our ankle or foot.  Once it turned so much it shut off the oil to the burner. WHICH WAY DOES THE VALVE TURN TO OPEN or CLOSE FULLY ( clockwise or counter-clockwise ? ) thank you in advance.

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Jimmy Devine 3 years 1 Answer 537 views

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  1. Depending on the age or if it’s a newer style up to code. So let’s say it is then it’s counter clockwise to turn it off.

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