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Hi Dom

Thank you for uploading so many videos about the electrical thing . They are all so amazing, helpful and knowledgeable.  I would like to install a sub panel in my basement right beside the main panel. And I did see one of your videos about how to install the sub panel. Now it comes my trouble, my main panel is completely full,  so there is not any space for me to add a circuit breaker to the main panel to lead a wire to the sub panel . So what should I do to solve the problem ? If  I take a couple of existing circuit breaker out , and put a new circuit breaker in to lead the wire to the sub panel, then where should I put those two old existing wire? What should I do would be the better solution? Would you please email me  give me some ideas and tell me the solution please ! Thank you very much for your time.


Have a nice day !

Jason Zhong

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported.


    Hi, Jason and thank you so much. I’m asked this one all the time lol. The answer is so simple most overlook this.

    Remove two 120v wires from two 120v (single pole) breakers next to each other. Follow each one to find the natural and the grounds and just transfer them over to the new sub-panel.

    The wires will probably won’t reach the sub-panel. So in this case just use wire nuts to extend them to the new wires. But keeping the wire nut connections in the existing panel.