How To Install 220v New Line From Fuse Box With New 220V Outlet


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Pump Voltage: AC 220V
Color: White
Material: Plastic
Size: 98*66*32cm/38.6″x26″x12.6″

I’m setting up a new hydroponic grow system in my shed and need to wire a new 220v plug and 110v plug. I have no electricity in my shed so I need help in running a new wire from my fuse box to my shed for the 220v plug and 110v plug? I also need help with installing the 220v plug myself? Any information you can give me to accomplish this would be really appreciated!

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    sorry, not a fuse box but a breaker box. is that what you are asking? I have no formal training with electricity except self-taught wiring 110 plugs but very little time spent in the breaker box. My dad did hand me a pair of metal shears to cut a wire he said was turned off when I was teenager which is how I figure out how dangerous electricity really can be. (yes when I fell from the ladder and landed on my back he was laughing the entire time!)

    I really appreciate you taking the time to help a rookie. My parents just bought a 40-year-old home which my brother and I are trying to help bring it up to par so I watched many youtube videos (hours of videos just to find a 10 min video I was looking for) over the last 3 months. We have put in flooring, replaced 3 bad breakers, done drywall, painting, lighting, fans, landscaping, planted roses, and apple trees. We still have a list several pages long that is more like a wish list. My parents are retired in their sixties and have always given to others first so we feel they deserve to live the rest of their days on a property they love!

    Thank You,

    Rodrick Hittle

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    All this info in on my site already

    How to install a 220 volt outlet

    and here for a sub-panel, if you want it

    Sub panel Installation

    Do you really have a fuse box?