How to install laminate flooring on stairs.


I just wrote you and then saw the mention you don’t answer to where I wrote, so here I go again!!  Darn it I should have cipied my question.  Our staircase looks just like the one  in your video and I really like the idea of NOT cutting the bull nose and having a laminate that is flush… we are looking at Lowes Lowes laminate and would need to cut the nose and it would not be flush.  So I wanted to know where the wood shown in your video was purchased and who the manufacturer… you mentioned home depot, but I can’t seem to find any… we are 6 years later, maybe they don’t carry it anymore?? Do you have suggestions of what and where we could buy DIY affordable flush stair nose moulding? Thanks

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  1. Use the links below. The unfinished I think would be best because you can stain it to your same color.

  2. Give me some time and I’ll if I can find it again. Not easy to find that’s for sure.

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