How to wire two seperate flood light with two different switches


I have a switch by my garage and in the master bedroom that turns on a floodlight by the garage. I have added a second floodlight by running a wire from this new floodlight to the switch in the master bedroom.

If the garage switch is OFF and I turn ON the master bedroom switch, both floodlights come on. If the garage switch is ON and master switch is OFF, it only turns on the floodlight by the garage. If I then turn the master switch ON, the garage light turns OFF and the new light is on.

I want BOTH floodlights to turn on and off from either location.

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  1. Here is my wiring diagram. The box on switch 2 has three wires into it, as I added the new wiring from light 2. The box on switch 1 has two wires into it.

    The circuit worked perfectly before adding light 2. Both switch 1 and 2 properly turned on and off light 1. When I added wiring from light 2, only switch 2 would turn on / off both lights if both were off. (see original comment)

  2. Yes there actually 9 different ways to wire a three way. The best/only way now would be to remove all the switches and identify each wire and than do your connections.

    You could just have a bad switch. Maybe try replacing them first.

  3. I believe that it is already a 3 way. I see 14 / 3 wire with ground into the switch. It may be wired incorrectly. How would the diagram be different if a new light is added? see image.

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  4. You will have to make it a 3-way circuit. That mean you’ll have to install a 3 wire between each switch.

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