I want to add a 100 amp sub-panel from my main service panel.

The main service panel that is attached to the meter box has two hot lugs and one ground buss bar.

It does not have a neutral buss bar.

How do I connect a 2-2-2-4 wire (2 hots, a ground, and a neutral) to the three lugs in the main service panel?

I know that the 2 hot wires will connect to the hot screws of the 100 amp breaker and the ground (bare) wire will connect to the ground buss bar. Where do I connect the neutral wire since there is no neutral buss bar in the main service panel?


Please forgive the incorrect terminology. I’m still learning the basics of his stuff.

You have a great website.

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  1. In your panel I see two hots and a neutral. The neutral is that large black wire to the left. The ground wire would be attached to the grounding rod.

  2. Mr. Amorosso, pictures attached.

    Thanks for your help.

  3. How sure are you that you do not have a neutral? Pictures if you can would be very helpful.

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