Low Pressure Pfister kitchet faucet


Dear Mr. Amorosso,

My new kitchen faucet has very low pressure. I removed the screen like you did on one of your videos. The problem is that without that part the water still runs with low pressure. Rest of the house is fine.

What do you recommend I do?-

Thank you very much.

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Enrique Salomon 4 years 3 Answers 847 views 0

Answers ( 3 )

  1. Yes, if you start from there you’ll get a better idea on what’s doing what.

  2. Thank you for answering me Mr. Amorosso. I do have hard water, lots of minerals and salts. By supply line you mean the pipes that are under the kitchen sink?

  3. Do you have hard water? I would remove the supply line from the faucet and see how it flows into a pail. Your supply valve and or your supply line could be clogged.



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