Painting sliding bedroom closet doors


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I have those older hollow wood closet doors that you slide to one side to open and close.  I would like to make them look better by keeping the wood and doing a new stain.  I don’t know if I need to sand them first (I am not a painter by any means) and what kind of stain to get.  Should I brush the stain on or can I use a roller?  Thanks!

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    It’s really going to depend on what’s on them now. Either it’s a latex or oil based whatever. That is something you need to know right off the bat so you can use the same to stain them.

    And yes you will always want to at least clean them up by sanding them. Not much, just enough to remove any dirt, things like that.

    But you’ll also need to know if they were urethane before and if so you’ll want to sand that off in order to get the new stain into the wood. Being that they are closet doors I would practic on the inside of one.

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