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I have been using some off the shelf cleaner to clean vinyl siding and most recently a mold patch on my building shingles.  I used a pump sprayer but want to use an electric pump.  I have a commercial pump with motor but it pulls over 12 amps and will heat the plug ends of the cord.  To get away from causing any electrical issues with 110 AC, I want to use a 12V DC pump transformed down from AC.  Do you have any recommendations for setting up a DC pump on an AC transformer?  I want to keep the DC flexibility but have the convenience of using AC when I can and using less power.  Also, I have been looking in my area at the lack of roof cleaning (black stained roofs) and thought now there is an opportunity.  What type of motor would you recommend for spraying the cleaner as well as rinsing.  I am very entry level and can’t put much into this right now and don’t want to have to buy a lot of equipment off the bat.  Thanks.

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  1. If you’re trying to go pro you’ll need an air power pump with a gas powered compressure.

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