Replacing 3 way dimmer switch with another


Not sure which wires on new switch get connected to wires currently connected to 3 way dimmer switch.  I assume green one at bottom just gets taped to inside of light switch casing (like a ground)



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  1. Sure thing. I hope the website was easier this time around.

  2. Hi Dominick

    Thanks for getting back to me so soon. Just so I dont electrocute myself I just wanted to confirm my wiring: black wire in wall to black wire on new switch; red wire in wall to red wire on new switch; blue wire in walk to red/white striped wire on new switch and green wire on bottom of new switch can be taped (with electrical tape) to the inside of the silver box that holds the light switch ? Thanks again and have a great weekend.

  3. I’m on the road right now, but of what I remember and know the blue wire would be the red with white tracer. And of course the green is a ground.

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