Replacing light fixtures/switches on a older home



I’m slowly updating some lights ,a mid 60’s built home.In doing so I notice
that all the old switches inside the box have the neutral/white wire attached
to the switch ,there is only three wires inside the switch box.I assume the power line is up above the ceiling and not coming up the the switch box.I just want to make sure I’m not reversing wiring when installing the new fixtures.So far they do function but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe.

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  1. Thanks Dom,

    Understood ,checking the wire is always a good thing.One thing that’s
    got me, that power side must be located up in the ceiling.There is only 3 wires at the switch box and 3 at the fixture .

  2. Yeah that’s going to be a little hard for me to really say what you do have without seeing it. I would test the wires to see what you have. Just because a wire is white doesn’t mean that it is a neutral wire.

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