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Hi Dom you said in one of your earlier answers that if the SH cleans the roof in under 5 minutes it’s too strong. How long should it usually take to start cleaning so that you don’t have to rinse the roof off. Also what is the mix that you would use and trust the clean siding would that still be 1 gallon SH to 3 gallons WATER.

Thanks Kyle

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  1. Well it’s really going to depend on how dirty it is if you’ll need to rinse it or not. But to be safe and a better overall better job I would rinse it. But just remember when you do rinse it all the SH goes all over the place, grass, plants and whatever else.

    Again that would depend on your house downspouts and location and if you really care when it’s going to go.

  2. Hi Dom I asked you a questing yesterday about how long should it take for the SH to start cleaning the roof you said between 5 to 10 min. Well what I also wanted to ask you was after you spray the roof and it cleans do you wash the roof off with Clean water or do you just leave the SH on and let it keep working till it rains.  Thanks

  3. 5 – 10 minutes is good. For siding you can go less. How less would depend on how dirty

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