Single pole 3 way switch


I’m replacing a single pole 3 way switch. The existing switch is a lighted push on/off button switch which always stays lit. The new switch is an up & down (no light) switch. The wiring is black (common), white, red, and ground. I connected the black wire to the common area of the switch and the white and red to the travelers connections on the switch. Here’s what happens. When the switch is down (lights off) and the breaker is turned on, the breaker trips. If I have the switch up (the other direction) when the breaker is turned on, all the lights work properly. However, if I then flip the switch down to turn off the lights, the breaker trips again. We can’t figure why the breaker trips when the lights are in the off position.

Any ideas?

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Myron Klym 4 years 1 Answer 541 views 0

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  1. You will have to trace each wire out, find out what and where they go. Then watch my two 3-way videos to help figure it out. Who knows how the person behind you wired it.



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