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Thank you for the video on installing a 240/50 amp sub-panel. I am doing the same thing so I can run a 240/50 amp line to a spa-panel and then to the Spa. Spa draws 31 amps. I am using 8/3 cable.
Question: I noticed you connected a cable between the main breaker panel and the sub-panel without conduit or other covering, Is that OK…obviously, but I thought you have to enclose Romex and similar cable not behind walls, especially 240? Not true?

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  1. Always my pleasure. Just keep in mind, not all electrical inspectors are the same or even ask for the same. Just food for thought.

  2. Thank you, Dominick… then the very short connection between the top of the new sub-panel and the bottom of the side of the main breaker panel (as seen in your “how to install a sub-panel” video) was protected, or unlikely to be damaged, enough to allow it not to be covered in conduit.
    Again, thanks for the timely answer!

  3. Well, that would really depend on if the wire will be exposed or not. Meaning that if the wire is run through the floor joist of a basement, then no. But if it were to be strapped to the lower end of the floor joist, then yes needs to be protected.

    So more less, if it’s exposed to where it can get damaged it needs to be covered.

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