US Single Phase 4 wire to European 3 phase 5 wire connection


Hi Dominick,
Hope this finds you well. I am a fan of your videos on Youtube.

I have just received an industrial cooling equipment from the US which has a 4 wire single phase 220V plug on it. I am based in Dubai (UAE) where we use the European standard plugs. We have a 3 phase 5 wire connection in the area where the machine is to be installed.

Can you please advise how can I connect this single phase 4 wire plug to the 3 phase 5 wire system? Can I use any two incoming phases for the 2 hots that I need? This is an expensive piece of equipment and I don’t want to screw it up.

Your help would be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot. Best regards
Mohammed K.

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  1. Oh ok. Using two phases is very different than using two hot legs. All homes in the USA only have one phase with two hots. Two hots will give you 240 volts. What is your machine asking for?

  2. Thanks for that. The frequency is not an issue. The machine was built for 50Hz. So we are good on that front. I am worried about using two different phases as the two hot wires.


  3. Thank you.
    Here’s where things get tricky. It’s not about what wires to connect where. Here in the USA electric is 60 Htz. and elsewhere it is very different. You’ll need to dig into the manufacture of the unit and see what they say if any.

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