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I just purchased a new electric Whirlpool range and the burners operate fine but the digital display (oven, clock, temp., etc.) do not operate. I thought it was a defective unit and Lowes brought me another unit with the same result. Upon searching the internet and reading your response to a member’s question concerning the same issue, you stated that a neutral (white) wire is required for the panel to operate (return voltage to cut 220 down to 110). I replace my 220 electrical outlet (on the wall) and noticed there is no white wire – just the black and the red. This is a house built in the early 60’s (before digital was being used) so I suspect that is the reason for the electrician not installing the neutral (white) wire as it would not be needed(?) So I am quite sure the lack of the neutral wire is the reason for my control panel not operating and I would like to solve this issue. You replied to the other member that a neutral wire could not be added to the existing wiring but a new wiring set-up would be needed. I suspect this would be an expensive addition to the electrical system. I am thinking about just returning the range and purchasing a non-control panel unit, operated by the old knobs – is this my best solution? We really do not need a control panel.

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  1. Really the same if not more then just replacing the whole wire.

  2. Thank you very much, Dominic. For the time being, I returned the digital panel range to Lowes and purchased a non-digital (knobs) range. I don’t want to get into the wiring at this time and at sudden notice. When springtime arrives I will pull out all of the pld wiring and install new.

  3. It would really depend on how involved it would be to get to the existing and the panel. Kinda senseless to try to add them rather just replace what you have. I mean it’s not like you have to remove the old wire entirely.

  4. Thank you, Dominic. So, rather than having an entire new wiring set-up installed to my breaker box – I will be able to have just the wires (neutral and ground) added to the existing wiring set-up? And, would you think it would be very costly in doing so?

  5. Hi, honesty you need four wires. The two hots, either be black and red or just two blacks, both are the same and a white and a ground.
    You should just have that wire replaced to the panel. Very unsafe not having at least a good ground.

    Not to say any newer unit are going to require them.

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