Wiring a subpanel from an existing 200/240 outlet


Hi Dom,

I have an existing 220/240v outlet in my attached garage. Can I wire a subpanel off of that so that I can add a heater and a couple of additional 220 outlets for when the heater is not in use? If so, would I use 10/2 throughout and then what would be the recommended Amp load for the breaker(s) considering that the heater might be as large as a 10,000W unit? Also, I believe that the breaker for the existing outlet is a 30A double pull in the main panel. Is that sufficient?

Thanks for the help!!

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Patrick Irwin 12 months 1 Answer 283 views 0

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  1. Based on what you have I wouldn’t say that would be a good idea. I would come off of the main panel.

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