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I wired my basement using multiple breakers. The inspector said he only wants to see 1. I have to rewire the whole room now.  I have 8 receptacles, 1 dimmer for 2 sconces and 1 dimmer for 4 recessed lights. I think that is a lot for 1 breaker IMHO. I am going to chain all 8 receptacles together. I don’t know to connect the receptacles to the dimmers/lights? Will 3 way dimmers cut the power to my receptacles?


The attached image is similar to what I am doing.



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  1. Thank you so much. It’s always nice to hear.



  2. I caved in to his request. He is the ultimate permit approver and I am no electrician. So I rewired 40% of the basement based on 1 breaker. I ran a junction box near the panel. In there I did a switching/routing process. Now you can just run the breakers or the sconces or the recessed lights. Sometimes you have to give them what they want.

    I love your videos. You present them in a simple way and have taught me a lot.


  3. To explain how to connect them it a little hard with knowing exactly what you have and what wires. But why would he say all on one breaker. That’s a little crazy. So in other words, one breaker blows and ALL the lights go dark, lol. Hmm.

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